Local developer plans three premium residential projects in downtown Bucharest

Adrian Mitran on December 12, 2019

Millstone Developments, a local real estate development firm founded in 2016 by Johan Rogiers and Horia Chioseaua, plans to develop three premium residential projects in downtown Bucharest.

The projects will have between 24 and 40 units, with a starting selling price of EUR 210,000.

Thus, the total market value of the three projects will amount to more than EUR 25 million.

The three developments will be named according to their area, as follows: Virgiliu 21-23, very close to the Opera Park and Eroilor Area, Voievozi 63, in the Calea Victoriei and Nicolae Iorga Park proximity.

The third project will be located close to University Square and the Armenian Church.

All three projects are currently in different permitting phases and construction start will span from Spring 2020 for Virgiliu 21-23, to early 2021 for the third project.

Article on: romania-insider.com