Staying true to our beliefs, we go the extra mile when building a home therefore we look for the best designers and reliable contractors.

We congratulate you for doing the same when buying one!
For many of us, the biggest financial decisions are also life decisions and not always what makes the most sense financially will meet the emotionally sense, and that is okay!
At Millstone, we are driven by building and managing assets not buildings, family assets and not mere investments! In all we do, it’s the sum of everything that makes the difference, and this means that our buildings sum up a timeless elegance while the quality and location will slowly but steadily increase its value.


ROGBC – Romania Green Building Council

The leading organization in promoting environmental responsibility and energy efficiency in the design, construction, operation, and deconstruction of Romania’s buildings is facilitating the market transformation and implementation of the next generation of high-performing green construction.


ADN – Architects’ Office

The work of our practice is characterized by our attempt to search for the right balance between experiment and experience in the complex and delicate landscape of contemporary life.


KXL Studio

The place where the vision of a dynamic team with multiple specializations, enthusiastically contributes to the affirmation of contemporary architecture!


Knight Frank

They build long-term relationships, which allow us to provide personalized, clear, and considered advice on all areas of property in all key markets.


CNO Techno Construct

The management, as well as the project managers, have been working for several years and have joined the company as a complete multi-functional team.